Narrative - Page Seven
Day Fourteen - Friday, April 7
After breakfast, we left Lima on our flight back to
Miami.  As we once again flew over the grand and
glorious mountainscapes of the Andes, we could now
look down and recall our vivid memories and
impressions of the time we spent in the "Heart of the
Inca Empire," and along the mighty Amazon River.  We
arrived back at the Miami International Airport Friday

We invite you to take a look at some of the photographs
we took while on this excursion.  The photo pages may
be a little slow in loading, but once loaded can be viewed
quickly as you go from one photo to another.
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A footnote of interest: For nearly 90 years after
Hiram Bingham found the fabled city of Machu
Picchu, the many relics he brought back from
the site have been kept behind closed doors at
Yale University.  Now the Peabody Museum at
Yale is preparing a permanent exhibition of the
artifacts found in 1911 by Bingham, an Ivy
League historian who also served eight years as
a U.S. Senator from Connecticut.  The show is
expected to open in March, 2002.

Bingham, who died in 1956 at age 80, was only
35 years old and leading a Yale-sponsored
expedition to the region around Cusco when he
heard about "some ruins high up in the
mountains."  What he found was a citadel of
stone on a high plateau in the shadow of a
mountain called Machu Picchu.
A street in Iquitos.
Some scenes in Lima.
Weavers at work in Cusco.