Chichen Itza
El Castillo (also known as the Pyramid of Kukulkan,
the Serpent God)
El Castillo seen from the 1,000
One of two large stone serpent heads at the base of the
steep staicase of the Pyramid of Kukulkan
A view of the Ball Court, from atop
one of the side walls.  The Ball Court
was the scene of bloody ceremonial
religious "games," with the losers
being summarily beheaded!  The
high priests sat in the throne
chambers at the ends of the Ball
A Chac-mool at the entrance to the Temple of the
More Chichen Itza
Joe examining the stone bas-relief
carvings which extend all along the base
of the side walls of the Ball Court at
Chichen Itza
The same Chac-mool (rain god),
looking back toward El Castillo