The Great Yucatan Mayan Expedition of 1973
Hotel Colon
Chichen Itza
A photo album of the archaeological tour of
Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula taken by Joe
and Nedra Carvajal in 1973.
El Castillo
The Temple of the Warriors and the "1,000 Columns" at Chichen Itza,
as seen from atop El Castillo.
A panoramic view of part of the ruins at Uxmal.
That's the Nunnery in the background, with the Pyramid of the Magician
on the right and the Uxmal Ball Court in the foreground.
El Castillo, Chichen Itza
The Pyramid of the Magician is also called The Sorcerer's Temple.
Below is a closer view of the very steep steps up to the temple.
Safety ropes and chains hang down the steps in places, for people
to cling to as they climb.