Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Joe Carvajal, a Federal government TV documentary film-maker, was a
long-time member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and for
one season served as the Federal government representative on the Emmy
Awards Nominating Committee.  With the TV networks representatives on
the Committee pushing for their own shows, the Federal and the PBS
(Public Broadcasting Service) representatives tended to be the two "tie
breaker" votes at many a lively luncheon meeting of that Committee.
Photo by Marv Wurts
Scans taken from the Official Program for
"Cine/79," at the Mayflower Hotel,
Washington, D.C. -- at which Carvajal's film,
Solar Energy, The Great Adventure,
Eddie Albert, received the award for
"Best Documentary of 1978."  Albert flew in
from Hollywood to join Carvajal at the
Awards Banquet.
Cine/79 Award Certificate