"Wonderful!  Photography is excellent.  So many great pictures of the
people.  I am ready to go!  Thanks so much for sending this to me.  If
you don't mind, I would like to share it with some of my friends."  
Steve Owen, Brevard, North Carolina, August 26, 2000
"Some great pictures on there.  Really cool!  Some of those people look very
familiar!  Thanks for sharing that with me Uncle J.C.  Have a great day."
Mario Gallioto, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 27, 2000
"I have been looking at the Amazon Expedition site. Thus far it is fantastic.  Beautiful
pictures!  Very interesting narrative.  I have enjoyed the scenery, but mostly it's a treat to
see pics of Dolores, Daisy, Bob, Betty and Ronald.  Thanks for sharing the trip with us!"
Joyce Richoux, Torrance, California, August 28, 2000
"Saw your Peru website.  Now I'll have to call my travel agent and book a trip!  
It's beautiful."
Tammy Hopkins, Brevard, North Carolina, August 28, 2000
"What a wonderful website!  It appears that you are into a new profession, Joe.  
Thanks for sharing it with me."
Kathy Mayo, Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 28, 2000
"Thanks.  I like that website.  Intriguing pictures.  Didn't know you were a man
of such talent, Joe.  I particularly like the layout and the backgrounds you used."
Dick Tatten (Capt.,USN, Ret.), Fairfax, Virginia, August 29, 2000
"I have been perusing your new website.  A couple of the photos of Aunt Daisy
reminded me of myself inTajikistan (I sent you some of those photos by e-mail). I think
there may be more than just a family resemblance there.  It looks more like a  cloning!"
Maj. Robin Phillips, Garmisch, Germany, August 29, 2000
"I havc just visited the website about the Peru trip.  It is really impressive.  
While I have not yet completed the journey, I already find it to be almost
mind-boggling.  Not so much the trip, although that is very interesting, but the
story and the nice pictures and the world-wide-web access to them!  A fine job,
Joe.  Your Hawaiian friend, Leilani."
Ireene van der Leeden, Brevard, North Carolina, August 29, 2000
"I finally made it all the way through the website last night.  
It made me want to go again!"
Dolores Hall, Metairie, Louisiana, August 30, 2000
"I'm really enjoying the website.  What a great idea!  I haven't
gotten to all of the pictures, but the ones I've seen are fantastic."
Felicia Pitre Forshag, New Orleans, Louisiana, Sept. 4, 2000
"The website looks great.  The photos are so clear and vivid."
Stephanie Pitre Wilbratte, Houston, Texas, Sept. 4, 2000
"Wow!  Just looked at that website.  Great pics!  Our school is online, so I'll be able to
show this site to my history-class students when we study ancient civilizations!"
Mona Pitre Leal, Laredo, Texas, Sept. 5, 2000
"The photos are beautiful.  You can almost feel the atmosphere from the exquisite
shots of the lush foliage and colorful wildlife.  It must have been an incredible trip.  
The pictures of Machu Picchu make me wonder if you can feel the presence of those
who once lived in the area.  I remember when we visited Mesa Verde it seemed as
though you might turn a corner and find those long-ago inhabitants returning home.  
The road up to the Machu Picchu ruins looks like fun!"
Veronica Pitre, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Sept. 6, 2000
"The web page looks real nice.  Now get back to work on your theater project!"
Patricia Wagner, Waldorf, Maryland, Sept. 7, 2000
"I have been visiting your page and have found it most interesting.  I have also been to
Peru, but only for three days and we didn't see much more than Lima, Pachacamac
and the Nazca Lines.  I plan to return to Peru to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
some time in the next two years."
Sally Smith, Capetown, South Africa, Nov. 3, 2000
"South Africa!  The world is truly becoming smaller!"
Craig Hower, La Plata, Maryland, Dec. 1, 2000